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To educate music through the means of notes, rhythm, and expression. The Art of Music is one of the most challenging yet satisfying skills one can learn. It requires the communication of both the left and right hemisphere of the brain; cognitive coherence and dexterity; along with emotional expression; all fused in one package.

As one deepens and gains more experience in life, so will they mature in the sound which they produce. My role as an instructor is to share knowledge and experience in a student's life in hopes that they may find enjoyment in crafting the art of the violin.

"Art and Life are not two different things." - Felix Mendelssohn

Violin Lesson Rate:

30 minutes // $30 
45 minutes // $40
60 minutes // $50 


- Violin/bow 
- shoulder rest

- violin rosin 
- A notebook
- Stand (at home for practice)
- metronome (free download on phone app or tablet)

Book Material:

Mitsui Sinozaki

Vol. 1: basics, all strings

Vol. 2-3: duos, up to 3 sharps/flats

Vol. 4-5: pieces up to 3rd position, technical up to 7th position. 

Vol. 6: pieces up to 7th position

Each book: $15 

Payment Option:

cash, cheque, or e-transfer at the beginning of the month. 

missed lesson require 24hr notice prior to lesson, or it will be counted. 

any lessons that are missed with both party's knowledge will be either made up for another day, or fee subtracted for following month. 

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