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Kan Family

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My son came home from preschool one day asking for violin lessons. We thought the idea would pass but months later, he was still insisting on learning the instrument. We were fortunate to find Luke, a gifted and passionate violinist and teacher, who is extremely patient and encouraging with his students. Although my son was young, Luke was willing to take him under his wing. He is now 8. It has been a pleasure watching my son’s focus and technical skills improve over the years under Luke’s nurturing guidance. We will be forever grateful to Luke for making violin lessons a fun and engaging experience, and for continuing to spark my son’s love and passion for the violin - in his words, “the coolest instrument ever!”


Tournier Family


Luke has been teaching our daughter the violin over the past year. He has been a blessing to our family. He sounds amazing on the violin. He offers fair rates, is flexible with booking, and is a genuinely good teacher. He is patient, kind, and encouraging. Our daughter has learned a lot very quickly. She looks forward to each class. He listens for her cues to enhance her lessons. Luke has a unique way of instilling and nurturing our child’s love of violin. He also has recitals that allow his students to perform in front of an audience. This really made our daughter confident. She even volunteered to play some songs at our family Christmas dinner… everyone was impressed. Our family highly recommends Luke as a teacher.


Wong Family


Luke has taught my two daughters for about 4 years now with weekly lessons. So far, we are very pleased with the progress, as the girls learn to always work toward a goal. Luke has high standards, high expectations for his students and he has a sense of purpose in his teachings. Luke is such a calm, patient, articulate person and I think that’s why my daughters feel at ease learning from him because he is so encouraging every step of the way. My eldest daughter tried two other violin teachers prior to Luke. She learned more from Luke in a very short period of time compared to the other two violin teachers. From our experience, the other two violin teachers only taught one song for memorization in the span of a whole year. Where as from Luke’s instructions, he teaches them from foundation and builds on it. Now the girls can look at music notes and play the piece as if they are reading a novel on their own. Best violin teacher so far! Thanks Luke!



Bhide Family

Luke has been teaching my son for the last 4 years with no previous violin experience. I am amazed at the progress my son has made in such a short time. Luke seems to have a very pleasant personality that allows him to connect with his students more easily.  I would recommend Luke to anyone who is beginning to learn the violin.


Gondosiswanto Family


When my daughter started lessons with Luke, she had been playing violin for about 2 years by then. During her first lesson with him, Luke said the way she played was like a carved sculpture that still had rough edges, or one that hadn't been smoothed out. 
I agreed with him and I trusted him to guide her playing. 
After a few months of learning technique after technique, I can tell her playing has changed. It is smoother and conveys more emotion than before. She has been studying under Luke for about 2 years, and her playing has improved immensely. I can hear the story of every piece she plays and enjoy the art of violin; the art of classical music. 
In addition, Luke really knows what kind of approach to take towards his students. He helps students feel comfortable in being with him, yet his meticulous nature ensures that they are still disciplined in learning. 
He's the type of music teacher that I am always looking for.


Vogt Family


My daughter started playing violin with Luke at the age of 5 and she is now 12. Luke is a very special teacher. He is patient, dedicated and result oriented. Luke had explained to me that the beginner level of violin is slow but once notes, hand positioning, and sound is worked on, she will accelerate. We have been in “acceleration” for some time now. She has confidence in playing the instrument and now can make it come alive. Luke encourages and motivates my daughter to master playing violin. He takes all the knowledge that’s given to him and hands it to the student. My daughter told me that she feels very uncertain about changing teachers. This proves to me that important respectful relationship that he builds between teacher and student. He demonstrates that in a gentle approach to a strict discipline. Even though we see it be individual, he makes his end of the year recital, a team – all of his students are a team of success! Thank you Luke for all your time and hard work!


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